About Me

Hi My name is Stella!

“If love was a food, what food would it be and why?”

This is a question I like to ask new people I meet. It shows me how they view love in a more deliciously tangible way and I learn more about them then just their name, job and hobbies. Over the years, I have heard some pretty creative answers, everything from water to spicy salmon sushi. Each answer comes with the “why” and I love collecting everyone’s responses. I hope to grow my collection of love foods and share it with ya’ll.

Speaking of food, I am unashamed to call myself a foodie. I am on Yelp 24/7 (working my way up to that elite status), I take gorgeous IG pictures of my food, and I get this ear-to-ear grin when I’m about to consume something yummy. This blog will primarily be about dishes that I fall in love with and also about the fun I have with trying new foodie things. I’ll be kicking off my blog with Burger Bracket 2016, a march madness style bracket that will have 16 burger restaurants face off for the title of Best Burger in NJ. Next year, we might do a bracket with tacos… or wings or.. pizza! Lol

So…instead of me introducing myself normally, I’ll share my answer:

If love was a food it would be Peanut Butter.

Peanut butter seemingly lasts forever. It has a long shelf life for food when compared to something like fruit or dairy products. To me, love lasts forever (what can I say, I am a romantic) There are many different varieties like, chunky, smooth, with jelly, organic, EXTRA chunky..the list goes on and on. This represents the many forms of love, motherly, sibling, romantic, puppy.. etc. PB also works so harmoniously with other foods, like chocolate or jelly. It’s great in desserts but also in healthy snacks. It’s a kind food that plays well with others much like love. And then there is the taste…to me, love wouldn’t be so sugary sweet that it knocks your teeth out, but rather rich, deep and buttery. Actually if you asked someone to describe the taste of peanut butter, I think it would take them a while to describe the taste, kind of like someone trying to explain love to a robot. To me…its love.