Must Eat: Jersey Shore BBQ Wings


I really really really love the Jersey Shore BBQ Wings. They currently hold the title of best wings I’ve ever had.

First of all, they have a number of delectable sauces for you to choose from: Choice of Buffalo, BBQ, Jalapeño Honey, Habanero Apricot, Benny, “Kayla” or Plain Served with Celery & House Blue Cheese.

I have only ever ordered the Benny and the Jalapeño Honey (the burger bracket has deemed this one “HOT HONEY”). Our table got them the first time and ever since then I’ve stuck with them. Jersey Shore BBQ is about an hour away from my house so I don’t want to risk getting a sauce I don’t like. BUT one day I will go down there on a Tuesday because they have 50 cent wing night. I will order all the flavors and make them compete to be eaten. Benny is a buttery sauce, no idea what else is in it but its good. HOT HONEY tastes exactly how you think it would, a great blend of sweet and spicy.

Also, the wings have ample chicken meat on them. The most meat I’ve seen on chicken wings. They got the meats.

I believe these wings are smoked and then deep fried. There’s nothing better than biting into the first wing, piping hot and covered in an amazing sauce.

While you’re there eating wings, make sure to get their pickles (trust me), sweet potato fries, brisket and cole slaw. Their burgers and sandwiches are honorable mentions. Solid 4 stars on Yelp with 161 reviews!

Go before the summer crowd gets there!

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